Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2.8 Class Blog

Dear children,

Welcome to your very own class blog.

In this blog, I will write about some events that happened in class or in school.
I will also post some questions for you to comment.

Please observe netiquette - be friendly and give polite comments ok.

Wishing you a happy year of learning.
Stay cheerful!

Lots of love,
Ms Wong


Ms Wong said...


Anonymous said...

i have a best friend name : tovan / aaron and jonvan.

Anonymous said...

we cannot fight in school.
tidus and daniel

Anonymous said...

we must be kind to others.
from prithika

Anonymous said...
this is my blog.
please take a look.

Anonymous said...

hi everybody.
from clarence

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

we are best friends everyear

from larissa

Larissa said...

i have just created my new blog. when you want to comment please do not click on the pencil or the envolope,ok. ms wong please show it

Anonymous said...

hello everybody !!!.

from shynee