Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bubble Time

xxxWe went to the Skylite café to learn how to make soap solution. We used the solution to blow bubbles.

xxxWe poured detergent, water and glycerine to make a soap solution. We shook the mixture until we saw bubbles.

xxxWe poured the solution into small plastic cups. We dipped the straws into the cups, took out the straws from the cups and blew through the straws. We blew and blew. We saw many big and small bubbles floating in the air.

xxxSome bubbles were colourful and some were transparent. The big bubbles were more beautiful than the small ones. After a while the bubbles burst.

xxxWe were very happy and excited. We chased after the bubbles and tried to touch them as they floated away. Tidus blew the biggest bubble. Some of us blew and blew but couldn’t blow any bubble.

xxxWe wished that we can blow bubbles again!


Larissa said...

i like bubbles
from larissa

Anonymous said...

I also like bubbles.
From Yi Ning

Anonymous said...

I love to blow bubble.